Cars can go on Lago di Como too!

Had a wonderful day today! Locals apologized for the weather (fog/light rain) but we thought it was lovely ! Good for walking, which we did a lot of today. We walked into Bellagio from here (after a scrumptious breakfast of freshly baked brioche) via cobbled lanes, busy roads and breath-taking views! I’ve wanted to visit Bellagio for many a year and it DID NOT DISAPPOINT! Wonderful lunch, and then a walk through Melzi gardens by the lake…amazing!
A Highlight was being approached by a young lady called Eva(7) who wanted to speak English with us! She LOVES English!
The attached photo is for Ewan! A ferry for cars! A great way to cross Lago Di Como! Ciao !


One thought on “Cars can go on Lago di Como too!

  1. Hi Moira, Thanks for inviting us to be part of your wonderful journey. We will get such joy reading about your adventures and discoveries. You are in our prayers. Love from Callan, Caroline and co.

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