Casa, sweet Casa!


One of the many things I love about traveling is getting to know “real” people and places, not the tourist version. That’s why we are often staying in people ‘s apartments/homes. Take this wonderful apartment in Visgnola, for example. Doesn’t look that much from the outside but it ‘s renovated and modern inside, with every home comfort! Plus it’s in the centre of a tiny hamlet, with cobblestoned paths, narrow roads and quaint & quirky shops. The pasticceria that sells fresh brioche each morning, plus tiny works of art called cakes & tarts is wonderful but if it wasn’t pointed out to you, you’d miss it! The tabacchi that sells cigarettes, but also bus tickets is run by a sad looking lady that always appears from the back in a cloud of smoke. Then there ‘s the tiny supermarket called ‘Art Market ‘. (?), with the very friendly, helpful lady who is distraught because it was broken into for the first time EVER! But we haven’t quite worked out her opening hours yet. Anyway, to be precise, this is MY kind of place! Ciao!
PS: our windows are the 3 with shutters on the first level above the doors, and our balcony is the lowest one!

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