Two very big days!








On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, I have been able to tick several things off my travel “wish list”! 6 things to be exact! Needless to say, (but I’ll say it anyway!!), they were 2 huge days! Even for people more energetic than me! (Like SAR) We caught 4 buses and 9 trains AND did heaps of walking….but it was all worth it.
The 6 things to tick off are:
1)Saw Leonardo Da Vinci’s 550 year old painting of The Last Supper. Awesome!
2)explored the roof & terraces of the Duomo, & saw most of Milan from up there! Breath taking!
3)Had 2 hours of delicious Aperitivo, Milano style, all for the cost of 1 drink, in the company of 2 new friends & 2 lovely travelling companions. Wonderful!
4)Slept in a dormitory in a monastery hostel, part of a Franciscan monastery , 1 that I found 4 years ago in a book ‘Goodnight & God bless!’ Peaceful!
5) Got to visit Verona, a historic city that is listed on the world heritage list. Have wanted to see it, and it’s ancient arena ever since 1 of my sisters saw a ballet(?) in that arena about 40 years ago! Incredible!
6)Visited the Capulet house, on via Capella, which once boasted a daughter called Juliet, who was enamored with a certain Romeo. I saw THE balcony, and let various Shakespeare quotes run through my head! Satisfying!

So there you have it….6 special experiences in 2 days along with lots of yummy food, coffee, and wonderful people. How blessed am I?

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