A quick word from Zurich!

This morning our lovely, helpful Sandra picked us all up from Visgnola @ 7.40 am and drove us to the ferry ‘stop’ in Bellagio. From here, we caught our last ferry to Como. Here she is , in between SAR and Erika, just before she raced off in search of coffee! She has been so kind and helpful to us all this fortnight. (Or a week for Erika) From Como, we then caught a train to Zurich!
Here’s another travel wish ticked off ! Visiting Switzerland! Although in 5 days I won ‘t see it all, already I love it! Picturesque doesn’t describe it ! Erika is pleased to be home and we look forward to seeing Zurich and other places through her eyes!
And our apartment is wonderful , light , modern, central location, and of all things….a coffee shop as part of the building!! We met Barbara today , one of 2 ladies who run the bar/coffee shop (we’ll meet Dominique next week) and she was expecting us!! The two ladies from Australia! Look at the lovely fluffy seats outside, Complete with red rugs!
Could it get any better ?


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