Travelling the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) way!


I have been tossing up whether to write this blog for a few days. Then when I finally decided “yes” , I didn’t have a brain for a couple of days, but I think it has come back!! So here goes………

If you are reading SAR’s blog as well as mine, you may think sometimes that we are on different holidays! Especially since we’ve been in Switzerland ! She talks of high mountains, lakes, snow on trees, cog railways, eating out and I talk of……nothing the last 2 days and before that, the immediate area around our apartment!
Have we parted ways? Have we argued? Does Erika not want me on any of these trips with them? The answers to these 3 questions are no, no and no!
This is just the difference between travelling with CFS, and not! As careful as I am to rest as much as possible, not burn the candle at both ends, take my supplements , eat healthily(mostly), keep up the medications, (seemingly a half-suitcase of them!), walk as much as possible, etc etc, sometimes it’s just unavoidable…..I have to have days at “home”, by myself, and sometimes (like the last 2 days) I have to stay in bed!
Now, don’t get me wrong! Am I whinging, looking for sympathy, having a hissy fit? Definitely not! None of this is unexpected and SAR and I had talked and prayed about this very fact often whilst planning the trip. We knew there would be days when we would have to have different activities, knew there’d be lots of early nights and not too many early mornings(for me!) and we planned accommodation accordingly.
So, why bother, you ask? That’s easy…..I LOVE seeing new countries, getting to know new cultures, hearing different languages, meeting with new people, and generally exploring this wonderful world that God has created. I just have to do it differently from lots of tourists! I discovered in 2008 that I definitely can’t do tour groups! Too constant! The odd half day tour is fine, as I discovered in Japan, but most of the time I have to “potter” at my own slow pace! ( SAR is very understanding). What I found in 2008, and last year in Japan, and so far on this trip is that whilst I might not see every sight, ride every train, eat at every cafe…..I get to know “my ” little area well. I get to observe regular people, living regular lives, doing regular activities. And that gives me a small idea of what it’s like to be a Zurich office worker, or an inhabitant of a tiny Italian hamlet called Visgnola, or whatever! And in between the days at “home” or in bed, I still get to see LOTS of wonderful sights.
So it’s wonderful really! Travel is very do-able for a CFSer (of my level of pain and disablement….I know there are many varied levels), and it’s all about my expectations! I always have a list(smallish) of ‘Must-Dos’, but then the list of ‘do if possible’s is quite long! And if I have a day(s) at “home” I don’t think of it as waste. There’ll still be lots of gems to savour from my home day. For example, every morning this week I have observed the postman zooming along this street below (see photo) , towing his cart behind him. Rugged up against the cold or rain some days, enjoying the sunshine today! Wow! You say. But to me it’s all part of the life of Zurich that I’m privileged to observe.



Anyway, enough rambling!!
I’d just like to note one more thing……I have found quite a few elephants lurking in this local area…..but most are inside of shops….children’s shops especially! (What does that say about me? ) Mostly they are a bit difficult to photograph. But I had to include this little nativity scene I bought today…….I think it’s the first one EVER that I’ve seen with an elephant in it!! Hehe!!


Auf wiedersehen!

2 thoughts on “Travelling the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) way!

  1. Dearest Moira, knowing and working within your limitations but still doing and enjoying demanding things is a wonderful thing ; Brava. Thank you for sharing so honestly; it is an encouragement to others. Irene. XX

  2. Moira! I can relate to your staying at home days. You get to notice some lovely little things that happen around outside your house…garden…birds…dog walkers…cat….chooky..etc etc. You don’t have to go far…

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