A tale of two churches.


This is brought to you today from Rothenburg ob der Tauber, having skipped a few days (as per usual) ! I will, at some stage, go back and fill you in on Dachau and Schloss Neuschwanstein, but I must write of today before I forget! ……..
This morning, after an amazing buffet breakfast with SAR, of just about anything you’d care to eat, I followed the loudly tolling bells and went to the 9.30 am service at St Jakob’s Kirche, the large, grand and very old Lutheran church pictured above! No, I haven’t become fluent in German, and no, it wasn’t an English service! I didn’t understand many words said (except for the obvious ones, God, Father, Jesus Christ) but I found it wonderful! I knew the tunes of the hymns, if not the words, so hummed (lala-ed) along to each one! I recognized most parts of the Liturgy (similar to Anglican one) so said my bits in English when all those around spoke German. I loved hearing a really huge organ played well, filling the huge space of this really big church. The tricky bit , of course, was the sermon…..only recognized about 5 words, but there was much to look at , dwell upon and pray about. Afterwards, I chatted to one of the church elders who filled me in on some history of the building, and also which bible readings he had read out. (Plus an interesting discussion on languages and countries) Altogether a wonderful morning! On my way out, I picked up a brochure about concerts in the churches of Rothenburg for 2013, and lo…there was one for 15:00 hrs TODAY!
So, off I toddled (after a quick catch up with SAR first) to a completely contrasting Lutheran church…….small, humble, no decorations , but filled with beautiful music for 90 mins. This was Friedhofskirche and I attended a Konzert für Blockflöten, Oboe, Streicher, Cembalo und Orgel. (Recorders, Oboe, Strings, Harpsichord and Organ. ) I have been to Baroque music concerts before but never in a building that is older than the music! Wunderbar!

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