The little gems! (When travelling!)

Here’s the first gem! I climbed 5 flights of steps up a watch tower very much like this one, (but at a different gate!) today. The view from the top was stunning! Lots of beautiful, red-tiled roofs, green fields, the Tauber river valley and much more. But the thing that made my climb the most worthwhile was the man who collected my €1.50 up the top! He was delightful! He loved the view! He loved the town of Rothenberg ob der Tauber! He loved the wall! He loved the countryside! He was so enthusiastic about it all, you’d have thought he was new to the job. But no! He’d done it for quite a while, and he’d lived in Rothenberg all his life, (probably about 70 years?) having been born there. As well as his enthusiasm, he had lots of interesting facts to tell. What a delight!


The next gem of today ( and the past 3 days) is the Hotel Eisenhut, where we have been very blessed to stay! The staff are all gems…..nothing is too much trouble and they all do their very best at whatever they are doing. Today was a very good example…..
Having had stomach/intestinal problems of various sorts for the past 2 weeks, I thought I should visit a Doctor. The staff at the Hotel front desk not only suggested a suitable doctor, rang up for an appointment for me , checked they spoke some English and then marked out on the map how to get there! Wonderful service! And when I came back they checked out that all had gone well, and that I was satisfied. It had, and I was! I now have drops, pills and tablets to take and things are looking up already! ( and it wasn’t that expensive either!) The pharmacist had helped too, by checking I knew the instructions for taking everything and offering to write it up in English!

The people we meet along the way are many of the reasons I love travelling!

PS: the sun also shone today too! 🙂


PPS: excuse the mixed up photos…..the tower was meant to be up the top!

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