Walking around at night!




The last 2 evenings SAR and I have walked around Erfurt Altstadt, mainly looking for somewhere for dinner, but have really enjoyed being out in the crisp (2degrees) air! Everything looks quite beautiful with the lights twinkling , light streaming out of shops, yummy smells wafting on the air, etc! It feels like 9 pm or so, but it’s really only 5 pm or 6 pm! Both nights we’ve eaten dinner, looked in shop windows, popped into the Tourist Info office with yet another question and dawdled ‘home’ and it’s still only a little after 7 pm! My kind of timing ! We were a little disappointed tonight though……our weather apps on both of our iPhones (4 & 5!) predicted snow @19:00 or 20:00, but no sign of it yet. Maybe tomorrow? Hope so!



Just in case you thought I’d forgotten my almost- lifelong- obsession with elephants, I have included a few photos of elephants I have spotted in the last few days. I’m still not sure how or why, but I have now found at least 6 Nativity Scenes in shops that include an elephant! Sorry this is a backside view only! Then we found a couple of cuties tonight on our walk !

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