Pharmacies, pachyderms and preparations!



Wherever we go, SAR and I can’t help noticing the pharmacies. That may have something to do with 1 of my lovely daughters-in-law being a pharmacist! They vary from country to country! In Italy, we saw many Farmacia, whilst in Switzerland and Germany, they are called Apotheke. They are quite different from Aussie ones…..for a start they don ‘t sell a huge range of giftware, greeting cards or XLotto! Also they are generally smaller, but are found in greater numbers. Apotheke everywhere! Here’s a couple of examples!




I did have a couple more, but the photos seem to have disappeared!
Onto pachyderms….I jokingly subtitled this blog…in search of elephants….but I have found soooo many! Often in very out of the way places too. SAR is often quicker to spot them than me! Today she found a beautiful scarf covered in elephants! (Well actually pictures of them!!) As it was only €5, I purchased it!
No doubt it will appear in a later photo. But back to my grey, thick skinned friends….I have noted artwork, toys, decorations, household items, jewellery, clothing, bags, etc, etc- large, small and medium! They are everywhere! You may have noticed there was even an elefanten apotheke!! The only kind I haven ‘t seen is a real one….must visit a zoo sometime soon!








And lastly to preparations….everywhere we go in Germany , we have witnessed preparations for Christmas markets. As that is 1 of the many reasons we are here, we have found this all very exciting!! Stalls being placed here , decorated there; paving stones being replaced in roads and walkways; Christmas trees of ginormous proportions being strung with lights and decorations and lights adorning the shops, cafés and so on! The Berlin markets started today so we are looking forward to seeing some markets in action, Mmmmm! I can almost smell the Bratwurst and mulled wine from here!








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