Berlin walking tour!






What a day! Freezing, but sunny! Long, busy and exhausting but interesting and enjoyable! And we must have walked at least 10-12 kms! ( not an accurate count just a guess!) We left home @ 10am and returned about 8pm! I think we will sleep well.
As I’m tired, a quick run down:
*Caught U bahn, then S bahn to Alexanderplatz, walked very short distance to Berlin TV tower.
*went up Tower, had bird’s eye view of Berlin, followed by kaffe und kuchen.
*caught S bahn to Our meeting point for Brewer’s walking tour. Thought we’d do the ‘short ‘ tour of 3.5-4 hours, didn’t think we’d make the full 6 hour one!
*Polly, our tour guide was FANTASTIC! She was witty, knowledgable, clear, interesting and enthusiastic! (See photo )
* stopped in historic, famous, large chocolate shop. Models of all sorts of things in chocolate , even an elephant. Yummy, warming hot chocolate!
*had our first curry wurst for ‘lunch’ near Checkpoint Charlie. Yum!
* tour finished just before 5( dark by now and about -3 degrees) and we walked back to Alexanderplatz station via 3 Christmas markets.
*The first 1 we spent most time at. Very classy , beautifully decorated and wonderful atmosphere! Lots of lovely things to eat and drink, too! Tried our first Glühwein. Enjoyed sampling many free foods ( I accidentally sampled a piece of pancake from a child ‘a plate, thinking it was belonging to the stall holder!! How embarrassing!! The poor child looked stunned to see an adult pinching his food. Thankfully, his parents had a sense of humour. SAR disowned me!)
* 2nd market quite empty and tacky! Walked through quickly.
*3rd market was half way between! We bought ourselves a ‘bribe’ to eat as we were getting REALLY tired by now !
*Finally made it back to station and caught S bahn, then U Bahn back home!
* sleep time now! Night, night!

PS: saw many incredible, historic sights & learnt about a lot of German history. Saw Berlin Wall, Brandenberg Gate , place where Hitler’s bunker was & much more!

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