Family time in Hamburg.

One of the very lovely things of being in Europe is having the opportunity to catch up with people we don’t see very often. SAR has been able to catch up with Erika twice and another friend, and I had my weekend in London with nephews and now I am having time with my niece, Kathryn, and her daughter, Amy, in Hamburg. I’ve seen them over the years in Australia but never have I visited them here, in their home. I’m staying next door to them so have had lots of time for chatting, eating together, drinking cuppas, reading stories, more chatting, and going out on excursions together. Following are some excursion photos from our visits to the city centre and the harbour area and a new ubahn station.










Yesterday, a friend of Amy’s came to visit after school, and she and Amy made very delicious, koala-shaped cookies! Yum!


Today, I had the privilege to spend 90 minutes in Amy’s English lesson at her school. We had a lovely long question and answer time with the children (mostly in English) and then I introduced the 12 days of Christmas (1 of the Aussie versions) to them. I will pop back again on Thursday, so maybe I will even have some photos!

One thought on “Family time in Hamburg.

  1. Nice post, looks like Hamburg was fun! What an amazing Christmas tree. Keep updating the blog, I love reading about your travels x

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