A brief dalliance with Denmark!

Three days is not long to get to know a country, but it was my second 3 days! (Last time was in 2008)
We arrived in rather spectacular fashion….on a train….on a ferry! The trip from Hamburg was quick, and had wonderful scenery! Lots of water, large white wind turbines, bare trees and very green fields. On arrival in Copenhagen, we made our way to our apartment near the zoo. It took us a while to gain entry, but finally we did! (Thank goodness for kindles, phones and a host who was home to answer! ). Much laughter was shared as we rearranged the tiny apartment to be able to open up the sofa bed, work out the wifi code, and ponder why there were no curtains on the front windows which looked out onto a busy road! We hoped we didn’t scare anyone passing by. Does it indicate how tired we were that we used the lift rather than carry our cases up four steps?!
We really only had 2 whole days to explore so we decided to have 1 day out in other parts of Denmark and 1 day in Copenhagen. It’s really wonderful having a Eurail pass because train travel is a wonderful way to see a place! Our first stop was Odense, childhood home of Hans Christian Andersen, author of many fairytales that I read as a child. ( or had them read to me!) the Ugly Duckling, The little Mermaid and Thumbelina , to name just a few. A quaint old town, his childhood home, an Andersen themed Christmas market, a great Christmas shop, and quirky pedestrian lights (featuring HCA figure with cane) meant we spent an interesting and fun four hours exploring Odense.






Having successfully traversed 2 of Denmark’s many islands (crossing from Zealand to Funen via an 8 km long tunnel under the sea!) , we then caught another fast train to Aarhus on the island of Jutland. We spent about an hour exploring some decorated streets near the station and then set off “home” on a three hour (silent) journey. Thankfully, we had seen the countryside on our earlier trips because by now it was quite dark, and no one in our very full carriage seemed inclined to talk, hence our silent trip. SAR and I think it’s just as well we weren’t sitting together, because we may have made too much noise, especially if we laughed!



The next day we set out to explore Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. By now, we were experts at catching the correct bus, to the correct stop , and we even acquired a 24 hour pass which made it all cheaper!! We had a wonderful, exhausting, exhilarating, enlightening, oh, and fun, day! We saw the Palace Guard change shifts, heard the band play wonderful music, saw where “our Mary” lives (but she didn’t pop out) , visited the Little Mermaid on her rock, drank coffee, ate smørrebrod, saw Nyhavn’s old buildings and ships, ate other yummy Danish things, walked down beautifully decorated pedestrian only shopping streets, oohed at pretty Christmas store windows, admired beautiful Royal Copenhagen porcelain, heard the Salvo choir sing Christmas Hymns, and generally had a wonderful day. I was so tired that night, I couldn’t go to sleep! (A CFS thing) it was brief, but it was good!











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