Hamburg continued……….

I’m afraid this is quite retrospective…..but better late than never!
I went back to Amy’s school for English class on Thursday. It was lovely at the school to be greeted by children in her class, they all said “hello” to Amy’s Große Tante! It was a wonderful experience to sit in on 2 of her classes… the second lesson some of the kids could chime in with” 5 Kangaroos”, very proudly! Another wonderful experience was visiting 1 of Kathryn’s English classes at a kindergarten just around the corner from her home. They were delightful children who really enjoyed the well prepared activities all about Winter! We sat on a mat, skipped, sang lots of familiar songs (they were most surprised I knew the words and actions!!), listened to stories, and played some games. A really great lesson! (Brought back lots of memories!) . Kathy and I then went to a local cafe for a coffee. Very pleasant morning!
It’s a shame when special times like last week come to an end, but on Sat. 14th, it did! Hopefully, I will be able to return another time SOON!




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