Thought you’d like to know SAR and I haven’t lost our sense of the ridiculous! The very tall “man” is a model of the tallest man in the world according to the Guinness Book of records, which has a museum in Copenhagen. I’m always feeling short here, but this just topped it off! Then when we were wandering Gamla Stan (old town) of Stockholm, we found this next man. At last! I’m taller than someone other than a child!! Passer-bys probably thought we were on day leave from some closed facility (?) but we laughed and laughed! Probably you had to be there! This is a repeat of what I popped on Facebook but thought I’d include you all in our joke !!

We were excited to see one of these as we walked along the streets of Copenhagen. We’d seen one on our walking tour of Berlin, but couldn’t stop to take a photo! Do you know what it is? A place to plug in your Electric car to recharge it’s battery…….cool, eh?


Whilst walking the streets of Stockholm, after a lovely Royal Canal boat tour, we found this beautifully decorated street of very up-market shops….all the top labels were there! But we thought it was very special of them to roll out the red carpet for us Aussie wanderers…….how did they know we were coming?!?

One of the joys for me (of travelling, but in general too) is the random happenings of music! This time, we were welcomed into Oslo Central station with the sounds of this group practising Amazing Grace! Later, after all suitable microphone checks had happened, we were treated to this groups’ Gospel type harmonies, some in Norwegian, but many songs sung in English. Lovely!

Lastly (for now!) is a comment on length of days! In Stockholm, we experienced our shortest days, with the sun setting at 2.45pm. Such a new experience for us both! Each day, we’d return from our day’s wandering in the dark and it was only 4.30 pm! The really good thing about this is that we can explore in daylight and then finish off the day with pretty decorated windows, Christmas lights, Christmas markets all brightly lit, etc, and still get home at a reasonable time! In Oslo, the sun gets up at 9.19 am and sets at 3.07 pm. But stay tuned……the days are getting way shorter where we are headed!! How exciting!! Farvel!


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