The day started with a bang!

In our very cute, “loft-style” apartment in Oslo, I had a lovely corner of the living area that our host had set up as a bedroom for me! It was cosy, comfortable and just perfect…..until this morning! The alarm went off at 6 am, and still half asleep, I tried to exit my bed and go to the bathroom. BUT….something went wrong and I stepped on the end of the bed, which collapsed and I went crashing to the floor, pulling down a curtain and Christmas lights with me! Poor SAR, didn’t know what had happened and she came rushing out to see me in a heap on the floor! What a noisy (&painful!) way to start the day! Thankfully, nothing was broken, the bed was reconstructed, the curtain put up, and the lights re arranged. As for me…I came out of it with just a sore (left) knee, and a lovely big bruise on my left arm. From then on the day got better and better! A wonderful train ride from Oslo to Bergen through snow covered, picturesque mountains, with snow falling for a lot of the way. And now we’re ensconced in a lovely home, on one of the seven hills of Bergen, with stunning views of the city lights! Our host, Bernt, and his mate (who’s also staying) Alte, very kindly drove us to do shopping for Christmas food, and has said his house is ours for the next 3 days! He’s got so much food for our breakfast that we’ll never eat it all! (But maybe they will) They have shown us where to catch the bus down to “town” tomorrow, and reminded us that the shops all close at 3 pm, and the last bus back is 4pm, because everyone goes to their families then for a Christmas Eve celebration. We look forward to exploring tomorrow and maybe picking up something yummy to eat at the Fish market, finding a church service to go to and generally exploring Bergen in Christmas mode! Although it’s not white here, we had a beautiful snowy day on our way here, so we’re very thankful for our White Christmas in Norway!





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