Christmas Day 2013.

Well it wasn’t white, but it was peaceful and a pleasant way to celebrate the birth of our Saviour! As it is a quiet neighbourhood and the sun doesn’t come up until 9.45 am, it’s very easy to lie in bed all snuggly and warm! But out I got at about 8 am (late for parents of young children on Christmas Day!!) and had a lovely long FaceTime chat with the Lachlan Mackay family. As it was nearing the end of the day, in Adelaide, I could see Christmas gifts, hear about their day, see the beautiful clothes they were wearing and generally share in what they’d done. It was interesting to show them it was still dark outside here, and they could see the lights of Bergen, and also see our Christmas tree. I love FaceTime ….it’s been so wonderful to have a chat every now and then and to see everyone’s dear little (or bigger) faces. The children all kiss Grandma Moira goodbye/goodnight and I can see scars from falls, teeth growing back in and favourite toys. Wonderful!
Then SAR and I had Christmas breakfast together and then we opened our gifts which we both had been secretly buying behind each other’s backs!







Next it was time to FaceTime with Patrick, Amy and 1 set of Amy’s grandparents. Once again, so wonderful to not only hear about their adventures, but also seeing them all. A special highlight was Alec and Patrick singing “We wish you a Merry Christmas! ” to SAR and Me! They had places to go so the chat was short, but sweet!
But then it was on to leisurely meal preparation. The most relaxed Christmas meal I have ever prepared!



<a href="http:
Whilst the chook and vegetables were cooking…..another phone call….this time a viber call with sister Susanne. She was nearing the end of her lovely family Christmas Day. Nice to hear of their day, too.
Then, voila! Christmas lunch was served……delicious! Not bad for using unfamiliar oven, equipment, kitchen, etc etc, even if we do say ourselves!



What a blessing to have such a lovely day, in such a lovely place, with such a lovely lady, and to celebrate such a special Occasion!

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