What a day!

Today (actually it’s officially yesterday now by a few minutes) has been a day of epic proportions!
The hours awake today have been huge! Taxi arrived @ 7am in Trondheim to pick us up for station. We were dropped off @ our hotel in Narvik about 23:20!
The distance travelled was huge! About 900 kms, which translated to 9 hours by train and 5 hours by bus.
We went the furthest north thatNorwegian trains go!
We crossed the line into the Article Circle!
I have never seen so much water, or so many mountains, trees, tunnels, bridges as I have today! (Or had so many cups of tea!!)
I have never had so little daylight as today, but that’s about to get shorter too.
Amazing, amazing, amazing!
So thankful that all went well, that we got here safely, and a kindly bus driver made a special trip to drop two tired Aussie ladies off at our hotel!
Here’s a photo or two from the back of the train! Goodnight! (Thankfully, breakfast is served till 11am tomorrow.)


These were both after stopping at 2 different stations!

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