Mikhailovsky Theatre and Ballet company.


I was able to fulfil another long time hope today……to go to a ballet in Russia! Growing up with 2 older sisters involved in ballet, I gleaned as a child that Russia and Ballet were 2 words that went well together! Sadly, I couldn’t attend a Bolshoi performance, but I really enjoyed the performance of Nutcracker by the Mikhailovsky Ballet company. Whilst still set to Tchaikovsky’s beautiful music, it was a different version from the traditional. Whilst still traditional ballet, this version was choreographed by a Spanish man, Nacho Duato. I had a great seat , a few tiers up in this lovely Mikhailovsky Theatre, in a front row. It was wonderful……the sets, the costumes, the music, the theatre and of course , the dancing! So thankful to have got there. And even better, it was a 1pm matinee, perfect time! And the program was only 100 rubles! (About $3.40)





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