Who’d have thought I would ever get to say, “I’m in Moscow, Russia!” Amazing! And this means that SAR and I have almost come to an end of this amazing three month travelling extravaganza! And God has been kind and given us some snow, which somehow seems fitting for Moscow. But we haven’t experienced the very cold weather we were expecting to meet. Today was -11°, so that was our coldest day, and the snow was very lightly falling. Yesterday wasn’t quite as cold, but the snow was heavier! Anyway, it’s been wonderful to see places that I have read about before, places that most of us have heard of…….Red Square, The Kremlin (I didn’t explore the inside of this, but SAR did today) the much photographed St Basil’s (which we did explore yesterday), Lenin’s Mausoleum, the tomb of the unknown soldier, and on a lighter note….a huge extravagant department store called GUM. All near or around Red Square which is the epicentre of Moscow. Here’s a brief tour by photos…….you’ll have to guess which is which!













Well, tomorrow at 11am, SAR & I will head off to Moscow Domodedovo Airport, to fly out of Moscow at 15:20. We arrive in Singapore on Thursday 16th about 5:30 am ish ! It will be lovely to see Patrick and Amy in Singapore for lunch, just before they head back to Adelaide! Hopefully, whilst in Singapore, I will be able to write one more blog for this holiday! Looking forward to seeing lots of you soon!

One thought on “Moscow!

  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed your meanderings Moira – feel like we’re sharing in your wonderful trip. We were in Moscow and St P in May just before their Victory Day, so was much more crowded. Lovely to see Red Square etc with a sprinkle of snow. What an amazing, well paced trip you have had. Surely has created some amazing memories for you to ponder over for years. Thanks. Di H.

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