Going home!

Who would think that this day would come about so quickly? But here we are, SAR & I,on our flight back to Adelaide, to home!
What an amazing 3 months we’ve had! We’ve experienced so many new things, mostly all good, and seen things we’ve never seen before!
I am so thankful for all the blessings along the way, and for being kept safe. Often, a so-called mistake has turned out to be just what was meant to be! I can highly recommend travelling with God, our Father, as the tour guide! He doesn’t make mistakes!
I’m so thankful to have been able to visit family in Hamburg, London & Singapore! It was lovely, also to meet SARs friends from previous travels, and to catch up with faraway friends from our church family. It is also always a pleasure to meet the random people along the way…hosts of apartments, people on trains, in cafés , in shops; they all make up the rich fabric of travel.
These days, technology allows us to communicate with people back home so easily. It was lovely to talk with , and see ,grandchildren weekly via FaceTime (like Skype) and as long as times were calculated properly, it was easy to talk with sons also! (Via various IT methods) Then there’s this blog, Facebook , emails, viber, and even good old fashioned post cards! All this meant being away so long was much easier than it once would have been! We were also blessed to be able to download our home church’s sermon every week, and receive their newsletter, once again a wonderful contact!
I’m also very thankful for reasonably good health along the way, for me, anyway! Whilst I had many rest days at ‘home’ whilst SAR went out and about, they were still good days!
I am thinking of getting a medal cast for my patient travelling companion though! I’m very thankful for SAR’s many kindnesses and for overlooking my many CFS foibles, to say nothing if my personal ones! Thankfully, the gift of laughter saved us many times!
Hopefully, this won’t be the end of this blog though….as the title says ‘gap decade’! I’d like to keep writing this spasmodically as I move around house sitting in 2014! ( & beyond) just to help you keep tabs on me!!
When I get back to wifi, I will add a photo or two and hit the publish button!
Thanks for travelling along with me these past months!





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