Glenunga and Glynde

It’s nearly 2 years since I started my house sitting job! It’s a wonderful job! I get free accommodation in a variety of homes, and in return I care for the owner’s home, mail, pot plants and pets. I knew it was a really good deal for me but I’m beginning to see it’s a good deal for the home owners too: they get peace of mind that their beloved pet(s) can stay in their own environment. (And it’s cheaper than a boarding place)
So this year’s house sitting has begun !
It started with a short 4 day stint with Bentley in Glenunga , where I was house sitting for the house sitter! My fellow house sitter, V, wished to go away for a long weekend during a house sit she was doing, so I was happy to help out!

Bentley may look sad, but I assure you we had a great time together!
Now, I am in Glynde, in a unit, with a very shy little cat called Lotty.

A distant shot, I know, but she doesn’t like me getting too close! Whilst she won’t come close, she’s always peeking at me! Around the door, around the lounge, around the chair, Lotty likes to keep her eyes on me! She’s a Devon Rex and very tiny, but very low maintenance.
It’s lovely to be back in Adelaide for a while and have enjoyed many coffees, teas, lunches & dinners with family and friends, with a few more to come. Also making sure I am ready and organized for my next trips interstate, but that’s another story and another blog!

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