Last Wednesday I left Adelaide (only a day late!) to head off on my trip to Esperance, WA. The first day’s travel was not very arduous, however, as I only had to make it to Orroroo. (By lunchtime:late lunchtime! )
But really it was a trip down Memory Lane! There were so many memories that were made in the 25 years that I lived in the little town with 2 letters, that it’s hard not to come over all nostalgic every time I visit.
I never have time to catch up with all my friends, but delight in those I do see. There are a couple who ARE Orroroo to me, so they , of course, are always on my schedule!
Then there’s the places that can’t be missed: the Area school, the Library, the Kindergarten, The coffee shop, plus many other delightful places.
This time I added a first: I stayed in the caravan park! Also delightful!
I got a little carried away with the camera so here’s some photos to share.









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