Bali beginnings

Well, it has been months since I last “blogged” , back in March! I made a statement that I was going to follow up with more stories……didn’t mean the gap to be so long!
I really would like to record my photos and thoughts on driving across the Nullarbor, beautiful Esperance , wonderful Melbourne, and family times & house sitting in Adelaide, but not today,
Today, I am sitting in my (cool) room on the fifth floor of the Fave Hotel, Seminyak, Bali, on Day 2 of my 6 day break in Bali, in my pjs, having been out and about for quite a few hours. “What better time to get back to blogging ?” I asked myself, so here I am!
Today being Sunday, I caught a Bluebird Taksi to Kuta International Christian Church, a church recommended to me by one of Lachlan’s students!
The English speaking service started at 10:30 am, and I arrived at 9:30 am, not sure how long it would take to get there! It meant I talked to many people from the previous service, was given flowers for my hair by 2 little girls, and was offered a cultural tour and visit to a village by 1 of the Pastors.
Church was great, very friendly people, lively music and a good Word on Grace. A real mix of Nations there, too.
Tomorrow, I have my tour with Rev Ketut, then on Tuesday, I have a 5 hour spa experience lined up, followed by a little walking and exploring on Wednesday. On Thursday, I leave Bali, which leads me to the next part of the blog……..
I’m in Bali, on route to the UK, where I will be from August 8th until November 17th.
Whilst in the UK, I will be mostly house sitting……
August 15-29 : Bicknoller, Somerset: 9 cats, fish & 2 dogs.
September 3-18 : Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire: 3 dogs, chooks, fish.
September 22-October 17: Medway, Kent: very old dog & very old cat.
October 20-November 2: Helmsley, North Yorkshire: 2 dogs (1 very old)

In between my house sitting and exploring those counties, I will spend time in London, with my nephew Simon, his partner Adrian and their son, Tyler. I get to christen their new loft extension! Yay! (The yay is more about them than the extension! )
I also will have an action packed 2 days in Edinburgh, August 11 & 12th, going to the Tattoo, plus seeing Edinburgh in festival mode. I also will see another nephew, Andrew and his partner, Linley, who will be in Ed too! I travel to and from Edinburgh on overnight sleeper trains… cool is that?
I also get to see ANOTHER nephew, David, his partner, Holly, and their children, Eloise and Penny, in London, as they will be there visiting also. I might even do a spot of babysitting so the 4 parents can go out alone!
Towards the end of my time in the UK, I also will cross paths with 1 of my brothers,Laurie, and his wife, Wendy, who will be in London visiting Simon and co.
Added to all my family visitors, I also will catch up with a friend from church, Jessica, when she’s holidaying in the UK, and maybe even Tessa from Orroroo days, if I organize something!
After I finish my house sit in North Yorkshire, I will spend a week travelling down to Shoreham-by-Sea,(near Brighton) to visit Amy’s family, especially her Grandparents. It will be lovely to see where Amy was born and spent the first years of her life.
When I leave the UK on the 17th November, by train, I will then visit one of my nieces, Kathryn, and her daughter, Amy, in Hamburg, for a few days, before flying out from there on November 21st, with a 3 night stop
over in Dubai. I will fly back in to Adelaide on 25th November at 20:50!
Am I blessed, or what?
I will try and keep you posted along the way with photos and stories of my cats, dogs, fish, chooks and explorations! The internet doesn’t seem to want to upload my photos of church this am, so this might be a words only blog!
PS: I must apologize for not catching up with many of you whilst I was in Adelaide for July. I had a cold for at least 2 weeks of July and it knocked me flat! Managed to get my appointments in(doctor, dentist, haircut, tax man) before I had to hibernate! Oh well! Maybe next time…..I will be around for a whole 4 months!

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