Bali endings!

So soon, and here I am , at the Ubiquitous Coffee Club, waiting to depart Denpasar airport, Bali. The last 6 days have been quiet, lazy, but refreshing! I feel much better than when I arrived and have lost my cough, yay!

The Seminyak Fave Hotel staff looked after me REALLY well, with kindness, courtesy and cheerfulness. I spent a lot of time lazing around, sleeping or reading, but did venture out on a few small escapades!
My friend, K, recommended a nice little local eating spot (warung) near my hotel, called Baku Dapa, and she was right! A great place for real Indo food.


She also suggested a lovely place for a massage, Spa Bali, just down the road, and I managed to spend 4 hours there, having the “luxuriant” treatment! Absolutely wonderful! (And very cheap) The lady who scrubbed, massaged, moisturised, manicured, pedicured, etc , me for those four hours was a tiny , beautiful lady aptly named, Bella! It would have been quite a work out for her, as I’m about twice her size!

Yesterday, I got really energetic and walked down a very busy, narrow street until I got to a beach! I had a lovely walk along the beach for a while, gazing at surfers, swimmers, planes, and lots of waves! One of which took me by surprise !!




After a lovely, fresh, sweet pineapple, I walked back along the busy street saying “no, no thank you” to the many vendors that I passed! Those that recognized me didn’t ask me a second time. In fact, one man who had asked me if I needed transport on the way down, to which I had pointed at my feet and said “transport!”, laughed as I came past the second time, pointed to my feet and said “Transport! ”

Still always in search of elephants, I found a beautiful mural on a wall as I walked along. I paused to photograph it, and a couple of enterprising young men asked me if they could drive me to see the real elephants, very cheap! I would have loved to visit them, but lacked the time and energy!
My Bali adventure was finished off last night by a Bali Vaganza (?) put on by my hotel. An enjoyable evening of Balinese food and dancing! Most entertaining and edible! The compere insisted Miss Moira (& others) got up and danced too! Not my forte! A kind Darwin couple, Maggie and Ron, asked me to sit with them for the evening, which was lovely too.




So here I am now, through bag drop, security, customs and duty free, waiting to have my boarding gate number announced, this time sitting in a Black Canyon coffee shop. Free wifi is everywhere in this 1 year old, flash new airport, so it has been easy to keep on typing along the way.
I won’t see my 2 cases now until London Heathrow airport (I hope) and I’m only 1 short and 1 long flight away from there. So here goes, up, up and away!

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