Energetic in Edinburgh!

After the weekend in London, I caught “The Caledonian Sleeper” on the evening of Sunday 10th of August. (Happy birthday Max) The train departed London Euston Station at 9:33pm, and I had my two berth cabin all to myself! After a great night’s sleep, I was woken with a tea and shortbread @ 6:30am. (We had arrived at 5:50, but you don’t have to alight immediately) I left the train in time to meet Andrew & Linley @ 7:30am. We meandered along to The Elephant House, an old time favourite of mine from 2008 visit, to have breakfast together. The Elephant house’s claim to fame these days is that JK Rowling penned the first couple of Harry Potter books there, in the back room, looking out at the Castle. But I love it because it is crammed full of elephants, many similar to some of mine; and they sell biscuits in the shape of elephants! Need I say more? I’m pleased to say they had t-shirts in my size this time, too!




Now Edinburgh in August is a very busy and lively place…..not only is the Ed Military Tattoo on most evenings, the Ed Festival is also in full swing. Like in Adelaide, they have a Fringe Festival too.
Andrew and Linley are busy most of August working at 2 Crepe & Waffle stands that are situated in two of the Fringe venues. So periodically , during the next two days, I visited them at their work, and of course sampled Linley’s excellent crepes! ( 1 savoury and 1 sweet : both yummo! )
I also walked and walked and walked…..up stairs, down alleys, up hills, down streets, only really getting lost once. I visited some sights I missed last time in Edinburgh , explored some new places ,plus revisited some old favourites!
But of course, I had travelled to Edinburgh to see the Edinburgh Military Tatoo, and see it I did! What a wonderful experience of sounds, (I love bagpipes), sights, AV spectaculars, pageantry, dance, drama, world music, traditional Scottish music, fireworks, an excellent commentary, all with the magnificent castle as the backdrop! A wonderful (but chilly) two hours! Very worth the trip. Then I walked down to Princes Street with the many thousands (?) of people and hopped on a new tram back to my hotel at Haymarket.






( I know you’re laughing at my selfie, Patrick, but I had to put it in!!)
Anyway, Tuesday was much like Monday….more walking , exploring, eating, drinking of tea and coffee, but I also caught a bus to Ocean Terminal to see the sea, and to see the royal Yacht Britannia. (I didn’t go on, just looked from the outside)
I met Andrew and Linley for dinner , chatting and drinks, after they finished work for the day, then at 11pm we parted and I made my way back to Waverly station and boarded “the Caledonian sleeper” for my return journey to London. (It departed at 11:40pm) This time, I did have another lady in the top bunk, but as I slept the whole way back, it didn’t matter! ( hope she coped with my snoring!)
This time, I was woken with tea and shortbread at 6:40 am, to be ready to leave the train, on arrival at Euston at 7 am.
What a great adventure!
Lastly, I must apologize for the lack of photos of my train and the new Edinburgh trams. My phone (camera) had a hissy fit on the Edinburgh trip and didn’t let me take many photos! But I’ve sorted the problem now!
Also, the only photo of Andrew, Linley and myself is on Andrew’s phone. Oh well!

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