“Living in London”

I’m not really living in London, of course! But it is simply wonderful that I have a home base with Simon, Adrian & T, every time I pass through. It certainly feels like home! They’ve just completed a wonderful extension in the loft. Although it’s for all their visitors, at the moment, it’s my room! Their house is gorgeous, their area is lovely, near a train station, and not too far from London Central.



It was an excellent place to recover from jet lag, orient myself and eat some great food! (Freshly baked cake for my arrival) It’s also lovely to be able to see where they hang out, meet some of their friends, etc. I have walked around the area a little and visited one park and playground so far! (I’m sure there’ll be more!)

This last photo is a closer view of the buildings of Canary Wharf on the bank of the Thames, in the city, as seen from “my” room window. Cool eh?

I’m sure I’ll have more news of London, later!

4 thoughts on ““Living in London”

  1. We’re glad to have you in your room with us! T has certainly enjoyed your company 🙂 Nice pics of the outside of the house too, but no photos of your room? You’ll have to add some 🙂

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