Back to Bicknoller. House sit # 1

Even though I have left Bicknoller now (sigh!), I still have much to show and tell about that picturesque village, and surrounding Somerset.
Firstly, my clients! I had 2 dogs( large & black: Huck, small & white: Lola) then 10 cats ( some were named Nova, JoJo, Wendy , Feema, Tom, and then lots of all black or black/white in various shades whose names I never did get correct! And I think (!) 12 fish. I tried to snap them around the home in various poses! Every evening as I went to my room, I never knew what the cat count in there would be…..the most was 5 at one time! ( only 3 of those on the bed!)







It was a wonderful blessing to be fit and well enough these days to walk around the village, up hills and down dales, with the dogs at my side!




I didn’t realize ( until I got there) that I was house sitting for the local Anglican Rector. She supervises 7 little village churches and their parishes, so she’s one very busy lady! For the last year she has been living in the rectory at Bicknoller, before that she was over the other side of her district . I am very thankful that she now lives where she does. Even the address tickled me: Trendle Lane, Bicknoller.

Most house sits leave a printed sheet or two with instructions, this sit had a folder, full of very useful information about the animals and their quirks and requirements.


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