Happy as Larry!

“Well, it’s about time” , I hear you all saying! She hasn’t posted a blog for a while, what has she been doing? ……
” Lots! ” Is the short answer! But of course , I would like to tell you in more detail than that! But at the end of most days, I’m too tired to think and write. So I had this brainwave….I wouldn’t go and visit anything today, so that I could catch up on my blogging! So, here it is 3:27 pm and I’m just starting! Oh dear! It’s a beautiful day in the county of Warwickshire, in the village of Bubbenhall, so firstly I took the dogs for a longer walk than normal. Then I washed! Then I read through all the pamphlets I had collected on this area, to see where I should go before I leave. Then I wrote up a two week plan!
Of course, I also fed myself, and the animals, more than once! And talked on the phone! So, I gave myself a severe talking to, then walked to 1 of the 2 pubs, bought a coffee, and here I am, finally!
You may wonder why I’ve captioned this blog, “Happy as Larry” . But the answer’s simple…….I am!
This lifestyle seems to be suiting me very much. I’m now in my second house sit, with different clients, a different village and a different county in England. But it’s great! I love exploring the village, finding out the bus timetables, where’s the best place for food, getting to know the animals, working out the quirks of each house, visiting the local church and then exploring the area. To add to all that, I love being able to see family in London between each house sit.
Walking the dogs today across the fields (would never walk dogs across a Farmer’s paddock in Australia, unless I was staying with the said farmer) I heard a noise I’d never heard before….I looked up to see 2 huge and beautiful geese flying overhead. Awesome! Then, we walked a little further and came upon some contented cows and calves, munching away. ( but we kept out of their field. ) I looked around and saw a forest, a stream, a ploughed field or two and other dog walkers, and I thought to myself, I’m as happy as Larry . Then to the dog’s embarrassment, I sang the Peter Combe version of that song! Anyway, now that I’ve started….I’ll rewind and write a couple of blogs about the past 2 weeks!
Here’s a photo or two (?)from my walk today.






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