Visitors at Bicknoller.

Conveniently, there was a bank holiday weekend whilst I was @ Bicknoller so I had some visitors from London. Apart from their horrendous traffic-stand-still kind of drive out of London , I think we all agree it was a wonderful weekend. I was spoilt as Simon and Adrian did all the cooking and brought a lot of supplies too! (Yum) We supplemented that with some yummy eating out experiences too : tea & cake at a fête (yes, a REAL English, country fête!) , Saturday lunch at the Bicknoller inn, a ploughman’s lunch at the Stogumber pub, and coffee and cake at Blue Anchor on our train adventure day. Wasn’t there ice cream too? I’m sure of it!
The fête just happened to be held in the garden of a home that was also on Trendle lane, with money going to a cancer foundation. The weather was perfect, the old fashioned games were great fun, ( 1 young man especially liked hooking boats in the little pool) , the lemon drizzle cake was divine, and Adrian even won the Whisky raffle! Apparently, it’s a long tradition and people come from all around….I even knew a few! All of this fun was complimented by the happy sounds of the West Somerset band! Perfect! Another blessing!









Of course , no weekend is complete without a steam train ride….we travelled from Stogumber station ( a village near B) to Blue Anchor station, on the seaside. Then due to a timetable-reading malfunction. (mine) , we caught a vintage railcar to a place, also by the sea, called Watchet. After an hour’s exploration and drinking of Scrumpy, we then boarded another steam train back to Stogumber. All lovely!







Our final day started slowly with pancakes and local smokey bacon, playing with the “little dog” , chores, etc and then we went back to Stogumber to have a ploughman’s platter or two! We then did the tourist thing and went to a cider farm, followed by Cleve Abbey. We had fun exploring the ruins of the Abbey and the restored parts, and boning up on some English history!







I must just add 2 things about the photos: they didn’t necessarily publish in the order they were supposed to, but I’m sure you can work it out! And the ones that are exceptionally artistic are ones that Simon took, not me! About a third are his. Back to my photography alone, next blog!

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