Out and about in Devon!

This was supposed to be with the previous blog but due to technical difficulties(?) it isn’t !
Another half-day trip from Bicknoller was to a seaside village in Devon called, Lynmouth. A very pretty little spot that has been wrecked by floods a couple of times , but looking good at the moment. It was a lovely place to wander, eat ice cream in, and see the locals enjoy an English Summer day. My main reason for visiting was a little water driven funicular that takes passengers up and down a steep hill (cliff, really) to another village atop it, called Lynton. A wonderful invention, and a wonderful view from Lynton. Here’s a photographic walk around Lynmouth. For those who are interested in the technical details of the funicular , I am bringing home a little book for you to read….or you could read the post on my Grandma blog explaining it to my grandchildren.












You’ll notice this little railway has been going since 1888! Amazing! And definitely worth the trip. And yes, I did have a cream tea at the cliff top cafe!

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