Ponderings on life in England

When I walk the dogs, both here and in Bicknoller, I enjoy looking at the surroundings and pondering many things. It’s a pretty relaxing time and I can dog walk on auto pilot and let my mind run free! I run through all the blessings of being where I am. Then my mind wanders on to thinking of similarities to, and differences from, Australia. There are some things that are universal, others that are quite particular to where you are. I know that’s not rocket science, but I find it interesting!
Take summer for example: that’s certainly different in England from Adelaide, or South Australia. Whilst in Bicknoller, I could not stop marvelling at the fact that everywhere was still lush, green and fertile looking! And there were streams running wherever I walked! In summer! One day I suddenly could smell smoke. I was all attention….trying to work out where it was, wondering if Emergency services were 999 or 000 or 911 ? And then it clicked! It was someone burning off things in their field, there is no fireban, and I wasn’t in the Adelaide hills! Phew! Often I can smell smoke from fires in fields, in gardens, imagine that! Fires allowed, in summer! And of course, there’s the temperature! The post man grimaced at me (as I walked past him) the other day, mopped his brow and said ” it sure is hot! “.
“Yes”, I replied, grinning. It was 23°.
On a slightly different tack, there has not been 1 person I have spoken to that does not have at least 1 relative in Australia! And not distant twice removed cousins , but siblings, children, aunts or uncles! How can Australia’s population not be greater, if everyone here has rellies there?
As you can see, not rocket science, but I thought I’d share it, anyway! 🙂

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