Stratford-upon-Avon, in Three Acts!

What a beautiful place is Stratford! I am so pleased I have been able to visit there, not once, but thrice!

Act I:
The first time was on my second day alone with the animals, a visit to the Royal Shakespeare Company theatre, for a Friday night performance of Henry IV, Part 1. I went earlier and had dinner in their third floor restaurant first.



It was wonderful…….yummy dinner, brilliant play and a lovely walk back to the car on a balmy evening. I was sitting in the cheapest seats, in the third tier , but because of the design of the theatre and stage (a thrust stage) , the view was excellent. Shakespeare would have been proud of the performers’ delivery. Awesome!

Act II :
On a gloriously sunny day, I returned to Stratford to explore the town. I found a plaque on a fountain which said it was built to commemorate Stratford’s 800th birthday, in 1996! It’s a wonderful mix of the very old and the modern……IT stores in Tudor buildings, for example. I decided to do the whole tourist thing: rode on the hop on/off red bus around the town and outlying areas (Ann Hathaway’s cottage and Mary Arden’s home) , cruised (?) down the Avon in a little boat called Titania, and even sat on a deck chair for an hour or so, on the banks of the Avon. I needed to charge my phone at one stage( too many photos! ) and a nice young lady in MacDonalds helped me hunt out the only table with a power point next to it!! I only had to buy 1 cuppa before my phone recharged.












Act III :
I still had a few more things I wished to do in Stratford, so off I went for the third ( and final, for now!) time on Monday. A lot less tourists around this time as it was a rainy day, the only one I had in 2 weeks here! I felt like a local this time, I knew where to park, how to find places and what coin I needed for the loo!
I visited Shakespeare’s grave, in the church he used to go to.
I had “tea” in the Four teas tea room….all kitted out in 1940s decor!
Wandered around a few more streets and past a few more ancient buildings.
Did a “backstage” tour at the RSC, which was really interesting, and resulted in me buying a ticket to see a play in the smaller theatre, the Swan. It wasn’t Shakespeare, but was written by one of his contemporaries. I had the cheapest seat , yet again; this time on the side, ground floor, next to a post, but it was fantastic! I didn’t have dinner in the posh restaurant this time……a mixture of Maccas and Sainsbury’s! Yet another super Stratford day!







PS: I took a photo of Shakespeare ‘s grave, but it has disappeared ! ( I couldn’t have deleted it by mistake, could I? ) It looked very much like the two graves in the photo I posted, and was next to them!!

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