What I did on Sundays!

I had two Sundays in Bubbenhall and both of them were lovely sunny autumn days.
Sunday 1, I walked through the village to the local church (St Giles) and attended the 11am Holy Communion service. Afterwards, I chatted to some (most) of the congregation as they all wondered on having an Aussie in the village! As with most villages, the church is old and beautiful!

One of the lovely ladies walked home with me, chatting, and then I stopped at The Malt Shovel (1 of 2 pubs in the village) for a Sunday roast lunch. It was delicious! Here’s the roast(beef), but I forgot to take a photo of the bread and butter pudding!

After another doggy walk, then a quiet afternoon, I drove to Coventry, as I read that the Cathedral had a Sunday night Praise service @ 6:30pm! I wanted to see the cathedrals (both old and new) and thought to attend a service would be the best way! I went early enough to have time for a quick explore in the old part of the city, then attended a lovely, informal, worship service. Lots of singing! (And a great sermon, as had been that morning’s)
The service was followed by tea, lemon drizzle cake and more chat!
A wonderful time. And the Cathedral is huge, and awesome!

It’s wonderful how the bombed out shell of the original Cathedral is built in as part of the newer Cathedral. They are such a contrast but it works as a whole!

Here ends the first Sunday!

Sunday 2, started off very slowly! I was feeling very tired after a week of vigorous sight seeing, many doggy walks and all the other things that tires one out! It was the only day that I didn’t take the dogs on a walk during my two weeks, but I was tired! The dogs and I mooched around in our pjs (!) and watched TV. Then I pulled myself together, got dressed and drove to Leamington, where I caught the 2:25pm train to London! I was attending the Big Sing, a recording session for the BBC’s Songs of Praise series. Actually 2 sessions: 1 for October and 1 for the 21st of December! The wonderful thing about all this was it was being held in the Royal Albert Hall! Yay! For £12 , I got to sit in this wonderful venue, watch the BBC in action and Sing! What could have been more perfect? I was in THE very back row of the theatre but it was wonderful! I’m so pleased I could go along. Singing with 5,500 other people is a pretty cool experience too! As I pulled up the duvet on my bed, just before midnight, I was (to quote Enid Blyton) “tired but happy”!



Here’s a couple of photos from my walk through Kensington Gardens/Hyde Park en route to the Royal Albert.




And that is what I did on my Sundays!

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