A cuppa with a view!

Wasn’t going to write a blog tonight, but I had such a lovely day, that I just HAD to!
After a big sleep in, I started the day well by catching up with both of my dear sons. 🙂
Once Simon and T had returned home from their nursery school business, we set out (by train) to London Bridge station, and then walked to the Borough markets, where we had a restorative coffee,(Simon & me) a scotch egg (me) , a filled donut to die for (Simon & Me) , a carrot (me) all whilst T slept in the pushchair! (Very kind of him)




Then we had a wonderful stroll along the banks of the Thames past various new and old landmarks.




As you can see by the clouds in the photo above, after several loud rumblings of thunder, it rained, huge drops of rain! We were by then conveniently outside the Tate Modern so we ran for cover……which we found in the 6th floor cafe! What a place for a pot of tea! With awesome views of London, we three drank tea, beer and fruit juice (you can work out who had which!) and counted boats on the Thames! Simply lovely!
One day, I’ll even go back and see the art housed there, too!



By the time we had finished our drinks, the rain had gone and it was a glorious autumn day for walking, once more. So we strolled along South Bank, until we headed off to Waterloo Station, to catch a train home.





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