A beaut birthday!

I’m very blessed to have had the wonderful birthday that I had, considering how far I am from most of my family and friends!
But the family that live only 40 minutes from this current house sit certainly made up for me being so far from Oz!
The day started well with card opening (thanks to all who sent them!) , followed by FaceTime chats with my sons, daughters in law and grandchildren ( & Irene) . Also chatted to Andrew and Linley in Copenhagen! Then Simon and T arrived to whisk me away to Whitstable, a lovely seaside fishing village not too far from here. Seafood lunch was followed by a paddle in the North Sea, followed by coffee with Jazz music, finished off with an Icecream. After arriving back home ( house sitting #3 home) , Simon then “whipped up” a wonderful dinner of Confit Duck with yummy vegetables, which Adrian arrived by train to help us eat! Adrian surpassed himself by cooking a bake well slice with home made blackberry jam for my birthday cake! All washed down with champagne! We finished off my birthday feast with a chocolate each, left for me by the owners of this home!
Add to that, many messages, texts and emails, and I was spoilt rotten! For which I am very thankful!










Thank you so much to all of you for your greetings, cards, kind words and lovely messages, but especially thank you, Simon, Adrian & T. You all contributed wonderfully to my beaut 56th birthday! God bless!

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