Chatham, Kent : House sit # 3.

I have now been here in my third house sit since last Sunday night. (21/9). I was chauffeured to this house sit by Simon, Adrian and T. We came via a wonderful few hours spent at Leeds Castle, not all that far from here.
I arrived in time for an introductory walk around the local area, followed by a lovely dinner and chat with my new clients’ owners. Chatham is quite a busy part of Kent, and where I’m staying is right near the M2 and the A229, both very well used roads! Although there is always the slight hum of traffic in the background, this house is tucked away in a little pocket of quiet Lanes, Closes and other small roads, surrounded by woods.




The front, top left windows are for my room! And now for my clients……only two this time! Meet Cassie, 11 years old , a few health problems ( hips and such) and lovely!



She still enjoys her twice daily gentle walks in the woods, at the end of our road.
My other new friend is Gemma, aged 19, and apart from being deaf, she is remarkably fit and healthy!


Gemma especially likes rubbing herself up against my phone, or walking across the iPad , or sitting on what I’m reading!!

I have done a little exploring…walked to neighbouring Walderslade village, caught a bus to Maidstone (County town) one day and to Chatham another, where I (of course) joined the local library . (My third library card! ) Then there was Leeds Castle on my way here and Whitstable for my birthday trip, but I’m having a few quiet days at home before I set off on the local buses and trains again! Being here 3.5 weeks means I can take things a little more leisurely…maybe even write a few postcards! Bye for now! Xx

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