Here we are again! 

 The bags are packed, farewells said, and now it’s time for bed!!!

What a busy day it has been!

  • Finished up at a housesit
  • Finished packing
  • Coffee with a dear friend
  • Aussie BBQ at Pat’s for Mackay family lunch
  • Dropped off last of my library items(!!)
  • Watered pot plants and fed magpies for an absent friend
  • Drove Campervan to its resting spot for next few months
  • Ate early dinner
  • Bedtime!!

We’re up at 4 am tomorrow, to catch our 7:25 am plane to Hong Kong. Yay!

As usual, I have been a negligent blogger whilst in Oz but hopefully I’ll lift my game whilst away!

Thank you for travelling, in anticipation, with me!

2 thoughts on “Here we are again! 

  1. Prayers for God’s continuing loving protection as you travel far from home. Enjoy every day – whatever comes your way. I will be travelling with you via that vast Itinerary.

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