How to enjoy Hong Kong without really trying! 

 I experienced a new type of travelling whilst in Hong Kong with the family. (…… just digressing for a moment….when I say “the Family” I mean L, S, I , E & R……sadly P is not with us! So not my whole family, but 5 members there of!)

So what was this new type of travelling?  I just had to “be”, no thinking or planning needed!! I just had to hold 1 slightly sweaty little hand and ensure the 2 of us kept up with Daddy!

Daddy knew what we should eat, and where we should find it, what mode of transport to catch and where it would take us AND knocked on the door each morning to announce tea and buns were bought and ready for breakfast!

I think we rode:

  • 2 types of trains
  • A double decker tram
  • The star ferry
  • An extremely scenic cable car
  • 2 buses
  • A funicular called the Peak Tram

Plus we walked along very crowded streets, through a little fishing village with homes built on stilts,  in light and airy shopping malls, and in the beautiful Hong Kong city park: by day and by night!!

It was fascinating, interesting, and  exhausting! ( not just for me!)

And the food was….delicious and in most cases …..pretty authentic Hong Kong Chinese food. ( maybe not the club sandwich and the gelato though!)

Was a great couple of days, and I’m thankful for that because I’m pretty sure on the way home in January I will be sleeping off jet lag not sightseeing!!

4 thoughts on “How to enjoy Hong Kong without really trying! 

  1. I love Hong Kong, so much to see & do ! We went to that village on the water too, after checking out the Big Buddah !! Are you not coming back till January ? Wow !

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