The very long Tuesday!

There are things about air travel that I forget between trips! In this case it’s how 1 day can go on for sooooo long when you cross the dateline in an easterly direction. ( I think I have that right?!)

I was woken up with buns and tea at the beginning of  Tuesday 13th October, in HK. We then made our way with all of our luggage to the main railway station where we checked in our luggage for the plane! ( v cool idea! )

After the Peak Tram, a walk or 2 , lunch in a sandwich shop, more walking, another train, we arrived at the airport, ready to board our 4:20 pm plane to Vancouver! 

We boarded, ate dinner, then I watched a little tv ( NCIS, New Orleans, please note, Pat!) before having a great sleep for 6 or more hours. ( How blessed was I ….3 seats to myself so I could lay down!) then we woke up and were served breakfast , still on Tuesday Oct 13th!!

So we landed in Vancouver, caught a train or 2, picked up our Zipcar cards, ate delicious cookies (!), had a passable coffee, walked a short distance, arrived at our awesome basement accommodation and it was still only early afternoon on….Tuesday! 

We walked to a nearby Chinese noodle shop( where they make their own noodles), had a sumptuous dinner (meal no 5), then walked home ( I. and I accidentally took the long route) to almost literally fall into bed……..the end of our very long Tuesday!! Phew!!


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