The day we went to Squamish!

Vancouver, British Columbia, is a beautiful city, and the suburb we were staying in did nothing but confirm that! Our basement apartment was comfortable, roomy and was in walking distance to many shops, a train station, restaurants and cafes and the impressive City Hall.

   In my usual style, I had a quiet day where I didn’t join the family on their outing, but pottered around at ‘home’ and went for a walk locally. On my walk, Lo and behold! …….a coffee shop that made real coffee! And it was almost named after me! The coffee was great!

 The next day , I did join the family on a beautiful drive north from Vancouver, supposedly to Whistler, but we didn’t make it that far! The scenery was beautiful! We drove along the side of a Fjord and stopped for breaks at a few places along the way. Trees, mountains, a waterfall, expanses of water, green grass……along with a sunny day……..made for a very scenic drive!

   Our next stop was the ‘Sea to Mountain’ gondala ride, just before Squamish. We quickly rose to the top of the local mountain, with awe inspiring views along the way. We explored some of the nature trails on the mountain , plus crossed a long and high suspension bridge. We even found a sand box for the children to play in, before our scenic descent to the carpark.
 Whilst this was just a mere glimpse of the scenic country called Canada, I was pleased to have had this delightful preview! It only confirmed to me what I already suspected…..Canada needs further exploration……one day!

2 thoughts on “The day we went to Squamish!

  1. I agree, Canada certainly deserves more exploration. I did a similar drive and did make it to Whistler, my son was working there for a time, such beautiful scenery. I didn’t find any good Canada-specific food though. Please research this further and report back!!

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