In search of a decent coffee……

Ok, I know on a world scale , or a heavenly one for that matter, coffee isn’t really that important!  Whether I find a drinkable cup of coffee in the USA isn’t going to concern many people, but, nevertheless, it is a background aspect of every day for me on this glorious grand tour. 

As most people know, America seems to run on coffee….often we see the sight of people clutching their take-away coffee cups, or thermos cups from home, and Americano style coffee is available cheaply almost everywhere! This coffee is the drip through/ percolated sort, that is mostly drunk black, or with cream or half and half. 

I only drink one cup of coffee a day  (mostly) and I like that to be espresso style; what most of we Australians call coffee! 

Out of desperation I’ve tried American style, but alas! It did not please! ( I know, I know, this definitely IS a first world problem). 

Anyway, I have found some along the way……

In a cafe in Vancouver, ( called Moii), the latte was wonderful! Oops….how did that crepe get there? ( it had banana in it so it was healthy!) 

I scored a wonderful latte( nothing called a flat white) at a terrific cafe near the markets. I escaped here a couple of days when my energy flagged behind that of my family! What a great way to recover! 

  Today, in Chicago, I scored another beauty in a shop that I thought only sold pie! What frabjous joy! It was good! And so was the pie!   

I would just like to add that these 4 slices were shared between 6 of us! And don’t think, but 3 were only children…..they had their fair share too! 
So, to end my short  tale of  the quest for a good coffee……please do not worry that you will be constantly updated on my coffees: -good or bad, I’m only dribbling on about it this once!! ( did I hear a collective “phew”?) 😁

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