Fall in Colorado Springs. 

I had a wonderful week in the very welcoming home of my friends in Colorado Springs. I visited them 7 years ago when they had just moved to Colorado Springs and the children were very small. We all had variations of gastro ( and altitude sickness for me) that time and didn’t venture out much! 

This visit was quite different! The children are now articulate, well read, kind and entertaining young people, with an interest in many things! A kindly gave up his bed for me and both he and St were very patient in answering my many questions! They also taught me some new card games! ( one involving doughnuts!!)

S and J are now firmly settled into their neighborhood, their church and their lives in Colorado Springs in general. The children go to a wonderful elementary school and are learning local history, amongst many other things. 

I had a wonderful week joining in with their lives;visiting their school, ( including their classrooms, and their playground) their church, the local Costco , a bookshop ( where A and I had fun browsing for a whole hour and he spent his book token) and visiting some special local sights. I even managed to score a school musical about the history of the state of Colorado! St’s year level put on a mighty show, with lots of singing. Awesome!   

One day, S and I went to visit a local castle(!?) built by a man who made his money by building railways! It was set in the most wonderful surrounds, with majestic mountains nearby and completely hidden from the road. Glen Eyrie was well worth a visit and a tour. Next time I’d like to book in for a luxurious night there! 

Another awesome outing was going to see a marionette show in a tiny theatre in Old Colorado. This particular show was a ‘medley’ of Aesop’s tales beautifully woven together to form a very entertaining story. The marionettes were all made by the 1 man and he worked them, did the voices, everything! S, the children and I all thoroughly enjoyed it! ( Poor J had to work!)

Because I needed to drive a car during my house sit, J very kindly ( and bravely) volunteered to take me to a shopping mall car park, before the crowds arrived, and let me practice driving on the other side of the road! After many circuits of the carpark, J took a huge risk and let me drive home! Nerve racking but sooo useful! 

I also relished all the church activities I could join in with during the week. S and I went to a ladies bible study, attended a school mum’s prayer group, and J & S host a home group at their home so I could join in with that too! Of course, I also attended their Sunday service and Sunday School with them all. I love this part of my travelling..meeting other parts of God’s  family  in other parts of the world. To top it all off, on the way to church on the Sunday, this was the view of His mighty creation. How awesome is that! 

Talking of awesome scenery, we also took a drive through the Garden of the Gods on the Saturday, along with many other carloads of people! We also stopped for a walk to view some of the rocks close up! 

It was stunning, breath taking and amazing! My paltry photos will not do it justice, but here goes…

What a wonderful week I had with them and I can’t thank them enough for their warmth, hospitality, great food and lovely company. 

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