A quick word from NYC! 

 I’m sitting in this comfortable little nook in one of my preferred cafés in New York.
It has everything…..a clean restroom, plugs to recharge my phone and most importantly, good coffee! The food is yummy too but quite pricey so I don’t eat here often. 😀

This is my last complete day in New York City. Tomorrow I catch a series of trains from my Airbnb to the JFK airport, then fly to N’Orleans, where I meet up with the L Mackay family again. ( Yay!) Two of them are  a year older than when I last saw them!!

You’ll hear about New York in detail in various future blogs( it’s hard keeping up, even the other bloggers in my family find it tricky to find time!) but suffice it to say that I’ve enjoyed my two weeks here.

The first 5 days, I stayed in Brooklyn with the family,

 then I shifted to Queens to Housesit Coco and Clarinet(& occasionally a nice teenager called Christian)

And now I’ve having 3 nights in Astoria, on the edge of Queens, in a lovely Airbnb with a PRIVATE bathroom!

Well I’ve recharged both myself AND the phone so it’s time to move on…to the subway, to catch the E train and change on to a B or D train to my next venue!


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