Walking Holly. 

Whilst housesitting in Galena, Illinois, I had the pleasure to walk this lovely dog , Holly, every day. We went for 2 walks a day, for at least 40 minutes each walk. ( up to 60 if possible)  Normally, I would keep the doggies on their leads, to ensure I didn’t lose them; but Holly was so well trained that this was not an issue. In fact, when she ran ahead she’d always turn around and check I wasn’t too far away and trot back if I was!!! 

We would drive out of town slightly to one of her many favourite walking spots, park the van, ( much to Holly’s squeals of excitement!!!!!) and off we’d go! As well as being essential to both her , and my, wellbeing, the walks were a feast of beautiful views, autumnal trees, trickling brooks and occasional glimpses of deer and squirrels.

 Our most favourite walk of all was a little way out of town, along Blackjack Road, up to Horseshoe Mound.  A great place to walk with amazing 360° views over 3 states: Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin. Stunning! I used to make this our afternoon walk so that I could watch the sunset! What a blessing! 


2 thoughts on “Walking Holly. 

    • A waterproof cylinder with sort of treasure hunt clues, which leads you to a couple of other spots with other cylinders! I wished I had some grandies with me to use them!

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