Happy Christmas!


Unbelievable as it is, it is nearly Christmas Day! It’s December 22nd here in California, but of course already 23rd of December in  Australia! Eek! Where did that time go?

Those of you who know me well, know that I love all things Christmas….the Carols, the decorations, the lights , buying gifts, Christmas trees,  but most of all, I love the “reason for the season “.

 I’m continuously surprised and thankful that God loves us so much that He gave us the most indescribable gift on that first Christmas Day. His son, Jesus, became human so that He could then die on that cross 33 years later, taking the sins of the world with him, before rising again to show He had conquered death as well. We can therefore live in peace and freedom. Simply awesome!!

This Christmas, we are spending it in Las Vegas. Not a place that I’d normally associate with Christmas but I’m sure we’ll have a blessed time there. There’ll certainly be plenty of lights!! 

I’d like to finish off my Christmas ‘message’ ( who do I think I am, the Queen?) by sharing a few photos of Christmas trees that I’ve gathered along the way on this trip. 

May you all have a happy, peace filled and blessed Christmas! 


  By the polar bear enclosure at the San Diego Zoo.

  An antique porcelain Christmas tree in New Orleans.
  Riverside, New Orleans. 
  The Rockerfeller Christmas Tree, NYC. 
  Bryant Park, NYC.
  New York Public Library. 
  Christmas trees for sale, Upper West Side, NYC. 
  Radio City Music Hall, NYC. 

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