Another adventure begins!

It started early on Friday May 5th, 2017, this adventure!! I was kindly taken to the airport at 4 am by 1 son in pyjamas! (he was back in bed by 5am!)

But for me, the early start didn’t matter! It was exciting to be able to board an aeroplane bound for overseas destinations once again! 

If you can bear it , please come with me on this journey of mine! It’s so much better when shared with others!  My posts aren’t necessarily regular, nor do they usually last ’till the holiday ends, but I hope you enjoy the offerings as they appear! 

At this stage , I’m in Hong Kong for 2 nights. I can’t manage through flights from 1 side of the world to the other! Today I explored Mong Kok, ate yummy food and rested much! Here’s a few photos! 

11 thoughts on “Another adventure begins!

  1. well done you to survive 2 days in Hong Kong, intrepid effort Moira, and then to London, how brilliant is that

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