Hong Kong Park. 

My check out time from the Dragon Hostel was 12 noon today and my flight to Paris leaves at 5 minutes past midnight tonight so I had plenty of time to spend in the interim! 

Hong Kong has a wonderful service for people like myself….Called “In City check in”. All I had to do was catch a train to Central station, walk along many corridors, catch a couple of lifts and….dadaa!!! I could check my case in for my flight there and then! No lugging the case around for 12 hours. Yay! 

I don’t know about any of you, dear readers, but I find the process mentioned above quite exhausting!! So the first thing on the agenda was a coffee and a sit down!! Hong Kong does not lack huge shopping complexes….So it was easy to find a suitable spot! The view out of the windows was quite impressive, too.

Suitably fortified, and after a great chat with 2 women from the UK, I set forth on my wander. Back to the station, a quick train journey and  …..following a series of escalators up the hill side I arrived at Hong Kong Park. 

This Park fascinates me….It’s nowhere near as large as Golden Gate Park ( San Francisco) or Central Park, NYC, but it is still an amazing haven, an oasis in a very populated, built up city. And today was a perfect day to be there. I walked around, admired the plants, looked out for tortoises, and eventually settled on a bench to have a good old “people watching” session. Wonderful!! 

Yes, I did go under the above fountain! A great way to cool off! 

Having whiled away a few pleasant hours, I had 1 more treat in store! A ride on 1 of these cute little double decker trams..A great way to see more of the city, from the top deck, of course! 

Now I’m drinking a cup of tea and writing this blog….Quite remarkable to write 2 days in a row!! Can’t imagine that will happen very often. I think it’s finally time to go to the boarding gate…. yippie, tomorrow I’ll be in Paris! 😊

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