Mon appartement à Paris! 

Behind this gate ( if you know the code) is a lovely little cobbled court yard…

And then, behind this blue door…..

Are a set of winding stairs, which you climb to the 3rd floor…..

And finally…….You open the little purple door….

And ….Voila! You have the cutest little attic apartment one could wish for!!

The bed was a sofa too, but I’ve chosen to keep it as a bed! It’s even comfortable!! The kitchen is well equipped with a microwave, stovetop, and a little fridge, and there’s a washer/drier too! Although I haven’t used the drier, I just hung my washing all around the apartment, European Style! 

Whilst it is small and slopey roofed, I love it! I’m on a little Street, in the busy, 11th arrondissement, not far from the Bastille station. There are so many interesting lanes and streets to wander through and many, many eating places that would suit any palate, and lots of shops!! It’s wonderful!

These are the views from my window! So very……. Parisian!! 

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