Paris with Patrick… The next Part! 

So! On we walked, and walked and lo! We found the Eiffel Tower! Yay! Once again, we didn’t go up it just then, but I’ve seen it!!! 

It was only 7 kms that we had walked, Google maps says we could have done it in 1.5 hours, but we took 3times that…And we enjoyed every minute of it!!  When we got home on day 1 we both went straight to bed at 7:30pm and slept like logs!!!

The next day proved sunny also, so after a lot of fiddling around , we set off for our next walk. I had read of a disused elevated train line that had been turned into a green walking space years ago , which started near  the Bastille, called Coulée Verte, so that was today’s expidition! Once again, the bright sunshine meant it was a perfect walking day….And the Coulée Verte was wonderful! Green , lush, with early spring flowers, and seats and vantage points from which to admire the surrounding architecture. It even had train type things like old track in spots, old signals and a couple of ex tunnels. Perfect! When our tummies rumbled, we popped down off the walkway and bought The most delicious chicken and salad baguettes ever!!!! 

Following the track almost to its end , we left to catch Le Metro to L’Opéra Garnier, where I had a 3 pm tour to attend. This is the old and beautiful Opera house that features in the Phantom of the Opera story. These days, Paris has a modern Opera house at the Bastille, but this lovely old gem is mostly now used for ballet. 

The guide was not only informative, but interesting and amusing , and she filled us in  about the history of the Opera house, it’s architect( Garnier) and builders, but also about the society at that time. Fascinating! Tour over, Pat ( who had a quiet  drink in the sun by the Seine) & I caught the train home! 

After  a rest and a shower, I returned to L’Opéra Garnier that night to see 3 short ballets set to  the music of Ravel! I sat in a box near the stage ( once a royal box) with only a partly obscured view , and enjoyed the next 2 hours! Beautiful! What a pleasure! 

That night, like kids on a school camp, Patrick and I stayed awake until 2 am talking!!!!!! 😁 No early starts or long walks for us tomorrow!!!! 

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