Paris with Patrick! 

Five months after he left Adelaide for adventures in the northern hemisphere, Patrick arrived at the Bastille Station for 3 days/nights in Paris with me!! It was great to have a hug after all that time! We had a quick ” welcome to Paris ” breakfast, before heading to my apartment. Due to the fact that he’s 6 foot 3 inches tall, Pat needed to do a lot of ducking and crouching in my place. But he managed!! Once he unpacked, and with much talking, we set off for a very long walk….

We walked from Bastille through the busy streets, then along the Seine, admiring the sights and sounds of Parisians going about their lives. It was a beautiful, sunny Spring day, and everyone was making the most of the sunshine. There were cafés, bars and pétanque players , readers and lovers and playgrounds. Marvellous! We found a little café that had it all…,baguettes, drinks riverside chairs and toilets! 

Much revived, we kept on going until we came to Le Louvre….At last! I may not have the time or energy to go inside, but at least I’ve seen it up close…Walked through the arch, admired the grand, old buildings and marvelled over the glass pyramid. We kept on walking, through the Tuileries garden, by the Seine still, until we crossed it on Alexander 3rd bridge. (Pont Alexandre lll)

We then wandered along some wonderful little streets where we refueled at a bakery, and occasionally caught tantalising glimpses of the Eiffel Tower!

Tune in for the rest of out exciting adventures in the next post!!! Can’t post photos anymore ( what have I done!?!) So I’ll start again!!


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